From a 2001-02 performance brochure, “This Theatre opened on April 7, 1928 with a grand programme of live performances and a silent movie, ‘Partners in Crime’.  Since that time, it has served the community with both film and live action performances, including high School graduations, local Talent shows, War Bond drives, and numerous children’s events.  Today, the Theatre serves Oroville as a performing arts center, with local, regional and professional live performances, as well as Classical and Cult films.”

State Theatre

Oroville State Theater


“The facilities restoration is underway, with some funding already dedicated, The goal is to raise 8 Million dollars to provide the community with full-featured performing arts center including smaller rental spaces, modern sanitary facilities, and a fully restored interior, including the infamous balcony.”

Fund Raisers

OCCBand became part of this effort in 1993, starting a long relationship with the Theater by performing two fund-raisers, the Winter Festival, and 4July concerts.  Later, band/chorus Christmas Concerts also provide for the Performing Arts Center.  The 2007 Christmas Concert, however, was held at the Church of the Nazarene because the theater was under renovation for heating and air.  On this occasion the concert proceeds went to the OCCB/OCC organization.

The State Theater fund raising link lasted 19 years, from January 1993 into 2011.  In that time the ensembles performed 83 such annual concerts.  With PIC’s demise, the theater returned to city control sometime in 2011.  Our two music groups continued to present three annual Winter Festival, 4July, and Christmas concerts at the State, but in the new arrangement, OCCB/OCC rents the building.

S.T.A.G.E. Management

The State Theater Arts Guild (S.T.A.G.E.), a long time organization to keep the State Theater alive, prepared a 134 page proposal to convince the city to let the “Guild” operate the State Theater Performing Arts Center. The plan allowed the city to maintain its position as lanlord.  Oroville formally gave their blessing to the plan on 17 June 2014.

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