A Tribute to American Composers (2023) (Band)

Songs of Sailors & Sea (2022) (Band)

A Night At The Movies (2019) (Band)

March Magic (2018) (Band)

The 25th Annual Winter Festival (2017) (Band)

The 23rd Annual Winter Festival (2015) (Band)

Winter Festival 2013 (Band)

Winter Festival 2012 (Band)

Music of the Night (2012 Chorus)

Winter Festival 2011 (Band)

Winter Festival 2010 (Band)

Winter Festival 2009 (Band)

Travelers' Special (2008 Band)

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed ... & Something Else (2007 Band)

Tribute to Oroville Centennial (2006 Band)

Concert Classics (2005 Band)

A Musical Journey: Land and Sea (2004 Band)

March on Broadway (2003 Band)

Winter Festival 2002 (Band)

A LIttle Bit of Heaven & A Whole Lot of Fun (2001 Band)

Winter Festival 2000 (Band)


The Feather Fiesta Days (2017) (Band)


A Great American Fourth of July (2023) (Band)

Unique Sounds of America (2022) (Band and Chorus)

Welcome Back, America! (2021 Band)

Songs of Soldiers (2018 Band and Chorus)

Pride in America (2017 Band and Chorus)

An American Spectacular (2016 Band)

Honoring America and Its Heroes (2015 Band and Chorus)

July 2014 (Band and Chorus)

So Proudly We Hail (2013 Band and Chorus)

A Concert in Red, White and Blue (2012 Band and Chorus)

A Tribute to America (2011 Band and Chorus)

God Bless the U.S.A. (2010 Band and Chorus)

Our America, Working Together (2009 Band and Chorus)

America's Musical Heritage (2008 Band and Chorus)

Long May It Wave O'er the Home Of the Brave (2007 Band and Chorus)

Oroville Remembers the 4th: 100 Years of Memories (2006 Band and Chorus)

Freedom's Song (2005 Band and Chorus)

American Traditions (2004 Band and Chorus)

The Home of the Brave (2003 Band and Chorus)

United We Stand (2002 Band and Chorus)

The Sounds of Liberty (2001 Band and Chorus)


Choose Joy (2023) (Band)