Band rehearsals will resume on Thursday, September 6, 7:00 PM.


My Dear Fellow Band Members

Thank you so much for an absolutely marvelous concert!

Many from the audience shared with me about how beautifully you played and how professional you sounded.  Many mentioned dynamics and intonation as worthy of note.  But I must tell you that their comments were not just complimentary and congratulatory in nature; Most comments were very effusive in their descriptions of our performance. Superlatives rolled off their tongues in attempts to adequately describe what they had just heard. “Best we’ve ever heard you play”,  “I didn’t realize how GOOD you guys are!”, “Never sounded better” “Amazing!”.  Phrases like these were said multiple times, as if saying them once didn’t do justice to the description or the emotion they wanted to convey. This is a GREAT testament to the hard work, dedication, buy-in, and trust that we have devoted to this band in trying to be the best we can be for our audiences and for our own personal satisfaction and enjoyment.

It is a treasured opportunity for me to be the leader of this band. I am humbled, pleased and blessed to be your conductor.  I am very proud of You and what you have done, and I hope you are as grateful and delighted to be a part of this very special enterprise as I am.  

I pray that we continue to carry-on this fine tradition in the future while we support the members we have and continue to add new members to strengthen and enhance each section.

Again, I thank you for your hard work and fine performances.  You richly deserve time off to reflect and recharge for the rest of this summer.


2018 / 2019 CONCERT DATES


  • September 6, Thursday:    Resume rehearsals in the fall
  • October 11, Thursday: St Thomas Benefit Concert
  • November 10, Saturday:  Gridley Veterans Day Concert
  • December 1, Saturday:   Christmas Concert


  • March 2, Saturday:  Winter Festival Concert
  • May TBA:  Feather Fiesta Days Concert
  • July 3,4, Wednesday and Thursday:   Patriotic Concert
  • December 7, Saturday:  Christmas Concert
  • The band rehearses from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM on Thursday evenings, 2020 B Lincoln Street in Oroville.
  • If you are new and are interested in joining us, please contact Dick Zancanella at tubamanz@att.net

If you are going to be absent from a concert or a rehearsal or you need to communicate, please text, call, or email Dick Zancanella at 370-1756 / tubamanz@att.net


If you are going to be absent from a concert or a rehearsal or you need to communicate, please text, call, or email Dave Chollet at 321-0455 / dchollet@sbcglobal.net


You can now make donations to support the band and chorus through PayPal.


To Eric Zancanella for the wonderful history of the OCCB that he has compiled and contributed to this site.

To Dick Zancanella, Jim Christensen and Eric Zancanella for the libraries of recorded concerts they have assembled and contributed to this site.

To Rich Green, Kathy Zancanella, Diane Vanderwater, Dave Chollet, Scott Hughes, Steve Etough-Smith and Ronald W. Olson for the photos in the photo gallery

To Bob Goodwin, original creator of the web domain for the OCCBand.