Mrs. Annette Fox's Letter

Loren Fox’s mom wrote an Oroville Mercury-Register piece in our second year (1993) that exemplified the OCCB early years.

Community Band Plays Sweet Music
by Annette Fox, Special to the Mercury-Register, [pp 10-11]
Oroville Mercury Register Ad Supplement,
Wednesday 15 September 1993.

When the Oroville Community Band played their concert at the Farmers' Market, folks stated gathering in anticipation of enjoying good music and good entertainment.  Besides a winter concert and their “Red, White and Blue” 4th of July concert at the State Theater, they have played each season [1992-93] at the Farmers' market.

This year when they were scheduled to play, some of their audience brought benches and folding chairs to the intersection of Myers and Bird Streets in order to have a ringside seat.

Band members arrived gradually, coming from their places of work.  Some came from Butte County and other professional offices, while others came from the schools where they teach music.  There are homemakers, clerks and students, as well as some semi-retired persons who are enjoying playing in a band again.

Conductor Jim Christensen seemed to have fun keeping the tempo going from his spot in the street.  Occasionally, he danced off with a [passing friend].  He had time to wave to friends and joke with... players while the band kept the music flowing.  Sometimes listeners are... surprised by the professional sound this organization has.

As their reputation grows, more players are encouraged to join in and devote time to rehearsals.  Some come from surrounding communities so it’s a struggle to arrive in downtown Oroville in time for an afternoon concert.

The current Oroville Community Band was organized in May of 1992 when Loren Fox, Al Townsend, and Russ Hickey called the first rehearsal.  Their repertoire includes classical numbers as well as show tunes and other well-known music.  These were presented with considerable polish in spite of some of the difficulties of playing outdoors on a street corner.  Players, who are always pleased to hear that they are enjoyed, say that from where they sat they couldn’t tell how the group sounded.

The music was excellent when they played to a full house for two concerts on the 4th of July [1993].  These concerts were benefits for the State Theater where they were held.  The Oroville Community Chorus under the direction of David Chollet joined the band on those occasions.

Rehearsals are every other Thursday.  There are about forty members with a relaxed organization where everyone shares chores willingly.  Jim Christensen, John Curran, Bob Schofield and Dave Chollet select most of the music while Loren Fox serves as president.  It is believed that they are now planning another winter concert.  Stay tuned.  Prospective members may contact Loren Fox at his office…