What People Are Saying

December 2016

* We really enjoyed the concert and the energy of the two directors!

* Chorus Member - Thanks for getting us through one of our best performances.  We heard many good reviews from friends in the audience last night, plus 2 ladies at Applebees and more today from neighbors, and people in our church that it may have been the best (OCC) performance in recent years.  They actually did hear the chorus and most were very impressed with the a cappella numbers - a first for OCC.

* Chorus Member - Beyond fun, joyful gathering…our most usual friends and critics loved the show. Kudos for us all, and to you, a special thank you, we were a ship without a captain for a long time…

* Chorus Member - Good morning, Dave. Thank you so much for your hard work in producing such a great choral program. You cannot believe the many wonderful comments we received from attendees of the concert.  I appreciate the effort it took for you and Linda to make personal contact with people you have known in the past to ask them to join us. The increased numbers made for a more powerful performance.  The increased number of tenors and bases enriched the program greatly.  Several people in the audience said they could not only hear the chorus, but could actually understand the words (hooray). The audience members were almost giddy with praise and everyone to whom I spoke said it was a fun program and have never heard us do better.  It was a genuine pleasure to participate and exhilarating to hear the glowing comments about the performance.


July 2016

*     Vera Roth (July 7, 2016):  “Congratulations and "great job" to all those in front and behind the curtain at the State Theatre. A most enjoyable evening!”

*    Ginger Ewalt (July 8, 2016):  “Congratulations on that wonderful band performance Sunday and Monday. You are probably tired of hearing about how wonderful that was but I still have to tell you it was amazing. Everyone is talking about it and saying how wonderful it was to watch you conduct, it was like a ballet you are so graceful. So good job!  Can't wait for the next concert.”

*     Unknown  (July 5, 2016):  “Spent a wonderful evening listening to and singing along with the Oroville Community Concert Band as they paid tribute to our great country on the eve of its birthday celebration! A new family tradition was born tonight!! And we got to see performances by Cliz and David Townsend and Geoffrey P Carlson OD along with a few other familiar faces. Highly recommend it.”

 *    Glennis Roseberry  (July 4, 2016):  “Congrats!! to the Oroville Community Concert Band and Dave Chollet, with a guest appearance by the Oroville Community Chorus....for a wonderful concert! The music was FABULOUS!! Bravo! to our Tech Super. and Lighting Designer, Matthew Timoszyk... A line from a Disney production comes to mind.... "a whole new world...." More than one person spoke to coming into the 20th century. Nicely done! was special! Thanks for the concert!! Chorus...Bless you for coming out!!”

*     Debra Williams  (July 4, 2016):   “It was fantastic! I smiled, laughed, sang and even cried. Everyone was spectacular and you did an amazing job!! Thank you!”

*    Liz Reynolds  (July 4, 2016):  “It was wonderful. Rousing and fun, as well as patriotic. I truly enjoyed it.”

 *    Ethel Scholey  (July 4, 2016):  “The afternoon concert was very moving. Such a great job by all.”

 *    Laurel Ferretti  (Band Member - July 4, 2016):  “A young man, Jonathan, really loved our concert. He had not been before and thought we were amazing. He especially loved the piece "American Flourish "    

      Anonymous  (July 4, 2016):  “The selections were tastefully chosen and the band played them with conviction and reasonably good intonation.  The audience responded with lots of appreciation on all the selections.  Dick Z. transcription of Taps was emotionally moving.  A very nice touch for July 4th for the memories of Veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice.  The pictures on the screen and the silent pause after, brought a lump in my throat and a tear in my eyes.”

 *     Stephen Tchudi  (Band Member - July 4, 2016):  “Wonderful concert.  Congratulations.  I was DEEPLY moved by the band: its precision, its musicianship, and even its in-tunefulness . And by the depth and diversity of the programming.  And by the showmanship.  It was a great concert and I was sorry not to be on stage contributing.” 

 *     Jackie Corrie   (Band Member)  “Six of my friends (from Chico) came for the first time, They thought the concert was fantastic, and they want to come every year - make it a tradition!“

*     Dan and Cindy Daniluke  (July 6, 2016)  “We very much enjoyed the 4th of July concert by the Community Band.  The band members really seemed to be enjoying themselves during the performance and there was lots of energy on the stage.  The new director, Dave Chollet, was having a lot of fun with the performance and seemed very comfortable in this new role.  We look forward to their next show. “

      Anonymous (July 4, 2016) Thanks for letting us know about your Oroville concert; we just got back from a delightful afternoon in the State Theater. The music was so enjoyable, the MC did a fine job, and you and your band deserve a big "thank you" for giving up your holiday afternoon to provide us with such a fun way to celebrate!