Jim Moll

July 4, 2001
Master of Ceremonies, Jim Moll

1993 Start

Jim Moll has been the Master of Ceremonies for almost all of OCCBand and OCChorus performances at the State Theater from 1993, missing only a few concerts in that time.

On those rare occasions Jim Moll has been unavailable to emcee, three other gentleman have stepped in over the years: Jim Christensen, Emmett Pogue, or David Dewey.  Additionally, a number of band or choral folks have been tasked to narrate oral presentations when called for in a specific musical piece.   


Over the years, in addition to the informative and professional quality of Moll's emceeing, Jim has lent special wit and humor to his presentations.  Just like the band, he doesn’t take himself too seriously.  Christensen and Moll, have developed a wit and repartee between them, and with the audiences.  It would be remiss not to mention Moll's outlandish, and electrifying, Uncle Sam costumes he would wear in the first half of each 4July Concerts in our early years?

The Voice Of Oroville

The Voice of Oroville, as Jim Moll is affectionately known, has MC'd for  activities in the Oroville community for many years. “Jim's dedication and love of this community has earned him the love and respect of all who are a part of it…”

Jim works in the financial services industry and is an active leader in our community, including STAGE (State Theater Arts Guild), a group that supports the restoration of the State Theater Performing Arts Center.

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